Approach to Healing

The body can set up natural protective modes to stabilize an area, like a muscle spasm or limited motion. Often when the body is in protection, too much direct force can cause the tissues/system to guard and protect even further. We are very gentle in the application of the manual therapies that we use. We treat the whole person and while signs and symptoms are recognized, ultimately the goal is to address the root cause of why the symptoms are occurring. 

A customized treatment plan for the client is developed and will evolve to respond to your needs throughout the healing process. Most treatment plans will use a combination of many techniques. 


Physiologically, the focus is on normalizing the body’s biochemistry. Along with manual techniques, this is accomplished through nutritional home programs.

Psychotherapeutic  approaches decrease emotional and mental stress in the body and involves manual techniques, dialogue and visualization.

Anatomic treatment is therapy focused on the joints, the muscles, the placement and relationship between the organs and the alignment of the spine.


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